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Thinner but stronger, because less is more

The innovative construction of our core ML40 technology gives us the exceptional advantage of reducing material thickness without compromising material’s barrier properties and strength, allowing us to offer thinner but stronger food packaging materials that constantly challenge competitors. Moreover, the innovative construction of the ML40 materials is completely chlorine-free which helps reduce the environmental impact of our products immensely. Krehalon strive to achieve better quality products with less material to offer you solutions that don’t cost the Earth!

We help you keep food fresher for longer

In a world where one-third of food produced yearly gets wasted during its production and consumption, educating society about the benefits of packaging for reducing food loss becomes key. Krehalon’s high barrier food packaging products offer the extreme advantage of extending shelf life of fresh foods helping food manufacturers, retailers and consumers to reduce food waste whilst saving money and minimising the harmful impact of food wastage on the environment.